The Coaching Relationship

Coaching is a personal relationship between client and coach that is all about achievement, whether in business, career, or life. Coaching is extremely effective in creating successful actions designed to move the coachee in a positive direction. It is the partnering of client and coach in a friendly relationship based on trust.

My particular specialty is coaching my clients to raise the ceiling on what they thought possible. I do that through questioning, listening, assignments, and personal development.

I enjoy a variety of financial services coaching. I help experienced leaders with better communication strategies. I use career development coaching to help financial professionals find well-paying, meaningful work. I help independent financial advisors create their Value Proposition by using marketing coaching, sales coaching, and brand development.

With the popularity of professional coaching comes misconceptions about what coaching really is. Anyone can call themselves a Coach, but it’s only the professionally-trained Coach who can effectively move you to the level of success you’re seeking.

So, what exactly is coaching?

coaching relationship

• Coaching gives you a partner who doesn’t share in your business profits or career income. Anyone who’s ever had a business partner knows that partnerships are rarely equal. One partner ends up carrying the other. There can be disagreeements and inequities. With me as your Coach, you’ll receive unbiased advice for a monthly fee, not 50% of your profits or income.

• It’s about ACTION and ACCOUNTABILITY. Think about all the workshops and conferences you have attended where you learned a new technique or strategy that was never implemented. With me as your Business Coach, you will get it done because you are holding yourself accountable. My clients learn to take 100% responsibility for their success.

• It’s about SUPPORT and feedback. As your Career Coach, I will ask “What are your challenges? What are you NOT doing? What do you need to do to improve? When are you going to do that?”

• I help you to CLARIFY your values. When your values are in line with your business and career, greater success is possible.

• I help you create a VISION for the future. Start with the end in mind. With a Vision you are much more likely to succeed than someone that doesn’t know where they’re going.

• Coaching helps you identify OPPORTUNITIES. As your Coach, I can help you see an opportunity you may have passed up.

• Coaching helps you see your business and your career through DIFFERENT EYES. As your Coach, I can see what you don’t see.

• I help bring out the BEST in YOU. Have you ever had someone truly interested in your success? Business coaching will take you to your limits and you’ll love it.

• You get an UNBIASED partner. Your spouse may not want you to start your dream business or apply for that dream job because of their own fears.

• Coaching is for clients who are READY to make changes and improvements in their business, career, and their life. You create the agenda, you do the work. I provide a framework, ideas, feedback, experience, and encouragement.

Let’s look at what coaching is NOT.

• It’s not the same as consulting
A consultant will provide recommendations regardless of whether it suits you and in many cases, will implement the actions. Very often, clients do not want to implement the changes because they have no motivation or they do not like the advice. As your Coach, I will help you figure out what you do best, make a plan, and stay with you as you implement the plan.

It’s no accident that professional athletes have coaches – they know the value of partnership. My coaching style is unique in that I coach and consult you to achieve what YOU want. If I know the solution to an issue, I will TELL you. I will not make you guess.

• It’s not a quick fix
Coaching is a partnership between coach and client lasting from six months to several years. Building a business and a career takes time and energy. True success comes from doing the work necessary to achieve results. You must be ready to do the work that will maximize your potential.

If you’re looking for a business partner with thirty plus years business experience, please consider hiring me as your Coach. I enjoy working with clients who are talented, ethical, and ambitious. I use my experience to guide you in making intelligent decisions. I have the tools and the training to get you where you want to go. See my Coaching Guide for more information.

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