Financial Advisor Coaching

  • Want to MAKE A BREAKTHROUGH in your financial advisory practice?
  • Feeling OVERWHELMED with ideas?
  • Not sure WHERE TO TURN or who to ask for help?

Hello, I am Suzanne Muusers. For the last 14 years I have been providing financial advisor coaching helping clients build a better business through branding, prospecting, and strategic business planning.


As a financial advisor, growing your practice can be a confusing proposition. You’re an intelligent advisor (all those credentials you’ve earned didn’t come easy), but you may not have taken on the job of growing your firm wisely.

You may be growing the firm’s assets, but perhaps only through unsolicited client referrals, and with a slow growth rate at that (just imagine what could happen if you were growing intentionally!)

You’re the firm leader, yet delegating growth to your employees just doesn’t work. They don’t have the same buy-in that you do. They don’t enjoy the same rewards you do. It’s not their company.

You’re doing the investment management. You’re preparing the client review meeting documents. You’re doing the portfolio research. Who has time for strategic planning and business growth?


I know what you need!

  • You want to build your firm with professional guidance
  • You don’t want cookie-cutter solutions
  • You don’t want to look like other advisory firms

What happens when you work with me?

  • #1 Build your custom Brand
  • #2 Develop your Prospecting Strategies
  • #3 Implement Business Development Strategies

What makes me different?

  • Custom: I offer custom solutions for your unique practice
  • Experience: I have been working with advisors since 2004
  • Me: You work with ME, not a subcontracted coach

Financial Advisor Business Coaching Program

Work with me one-on-one and gain access to my Private Client Website to strategize and grow your firm. Whether you need branding advice, prospecting guidance, or leadership coaching, I have the experience to help you achieve your goals. I work with financial planners throughout the United States, Australia, and the U.K.

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Why do most advisors look the same?

• You’ve never INVESTED in your business or personal Brand
• You’ve never worked on your Value Proposition
• You’re too involved in your business to see what I can see

Do you run your practice like a business?

A professional financial planning practice is a well-oiled machine that runs efficiently, grows by providing excellent service to its clients, and generates more recurring revenue every year through effective prospecting.

The many ways I help my clients | With 3 Strategies for growth:

1. Branding:

2. Prospecting:

  • You will only grow if you learn to prospect effectively!
  • Do you have a defined prospecting strategy?
  • How do you handle prospective clients’ objections?
  • Are you asking for the business or letting it walk out the door?
  • Are you allowing fears and limiting beliefs to stop you?

3. Build a professional firm:

  • Create job descriptions & an organizational chart
  • Find where your firm is inefficient
  • Develop a Junior Advisor and create a Succession Plan
  • Encourage your team to help you grow the firm
  • Support a positive work environment
  • Mentor and coach your best assets, your people

Financial Advisor Coaching works!

  • Where do you want to take your firm?
  • Want to build a professional firm? Want to simply meet with clients & prospective clients and delegate everything else?
  • Would you rather have a life-style practice based on an ideal work/life balance?
  • Want to convert from commission-based practice to an advice-based practice?
  • Need to develop key relationships with Centers of Influence?

I ask my clients to think about:

    • How many new clients have you brought in this year?
    • How did you acquire your clients in the past three years?
    • What is the lifetime value of one new client?
    • Are you adequately servicing the clients you already have?
    • Do you regularly receive high quality referrals?
    • What message do you need to attract new clients?
    • Do you have strong relationships with Centers of Influence?

As a financial planner you may be knowledgeable about financial planning and investment management, but do you understand the factors that hold you back and keep you under-performing and under-earning?

Partnering with me as your financial advisor coach can help you make a plan to implement change in your firm step by step. My approach is custom to your needs. There are no cookie cutter solutions here.

Learn where you need to FOCUS

According to recent study, advisory firms that focus on investments have an average annual pre-tax income of $279,000 versus $881,000 for firms that offer comprehensive wealth management with a team-based approach. Furthermore, there are 6.15 million households with over a million in investible financial assets – a market that is waiting for you to find them.

Learn key success strategies

Wealth managers maintain contact with their best clients 15.4 times per year.* What strategy do you have in place to contact your clients? What success rituals do you use to stay on top?

Sixty-five percent of wealth managers ask clients for referrals regularly.* What strategy do you have in place to generate referrals?

Are you receiving professional referrals from CPA’s, Estate Planning Attorneys, and other professionals? Wealth managers say 81.9% of their non-client referrals come from this source*.
*(Dow Jones “Best Practices of Elite Advisors”)

What is your ideal business model?

There are many different business models. What is the most appropriate model for your practice? I’ll give you a hint – it’s not you being the lone ranger. Today’s enlightened advisor recognizes that it is necessary to adapt their current model. A team-based approach can help you get what you want. Let me help you create the key actions necessary to build your ideal practice.

Questions to ask yourself when considering your business model: Are you a portfolio manager? Or are you an advisor to elite investors, a relationship manager to the affluent, and an asset gatherer? How do you want to spend your time?

What’s holding you back?

Let me help you take care of the issues that are holding you back.

Which of these are your challenges?

• No written business or marketing plan
• No meaningful goals
• No appealing 30 second pitch or elevator speech
• No long term plan for success
• No plan for skill improvement –lack of reading and learning
• No daily game plan
• Lack of personal organization
• No system for managing your time- too many hours at the office
• Failing to view this as your “business”
• No practice management
• Not realizing that building a your client base takes time
• Fear that you may not be good enough
• You want to transition from an order taker to a trusted advisor
• You want more managed money
• You want to be known for something, but you don’t know what

An advisory practice is like professional sports. You have to be in great physical shape to be at your best. You must also have a close, satisfying relationship with your family. And, you MUST have a Game Plan.

Let me help you create a game plan for success.

What will you work on over the next year?

• Networking – become known for something
• Time management – become more efficient
• Organization – have a smoothly functioning office
• Health – become a role model for physical fitness
Sales strategy – leverage your clients’ points of pain, sell the dream, and overcome objections
• Referrals – learn how to tap into your gold mine of clients
• Industry knowledge – figure out what you need to learn to be
the best advisor you can be
• Succession Planning and Business Continuity Planning – finally get it done!
• Credibility – what licenses or credentials do you need to acquire?

Know what you want

• Have you ever stopped to think about what’s important to you?
• Why are you in this business?
• Where do you want to live?
• What does your dream home look like?
• If you could have your ideal work environment, what would that look like?
• What is your ideal work schedule?
• What’s your unique financial specialty?
• How much vacation time do you want to take each year?
• What are your sales goals?
• How many calls will you make per day?
• How many requests for referrals will you make each day?
• How many review appointments will you make with clients per week?
• How often will you work out each week?
• How will you plan your daily meals?
• How will you plan for tomorrow’s appointments?
• Who is your ideal client (versus your target client)?

Connect with Me

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What Clients Say

“Suzanne’s advice was invaluable when it came time for me to brand my independent financial advisory firm. Our work prior on target market, combined with help selecting my company name and colors and building my website have helped me attract my ideal clients and a consistent flow of leads from my website.”

Shanna T.

Financial Planner & Leader

“Don’t think twice about hiring Suzanne. Give coaching the time it deserves, be open, and trust that Suzanne will keep you on the right track.”

Kevin G.

AIF, CRPC, Financial Advisor, New Jersey

“I highly recommend Suzanne’s services to anyone who is interested in growing their business and maintaining a healthy balance outside of work as well.”

Monica B.

Holistic Practitioner

“Working with Suzanne has helped me to develop a distinctive brand. Having a cohesive brand gives me the confidence to network with and approach high level prospects. If I had not hired Suzanne, I would not have made this progress.

Nicholas E.

CFP® New York

“I truly feel that without Suzanne’s guidance, my business would not have flourished. Her expertise in my field helped me produce the results I needed more quickly. But most importantly, she made me safe enough to recognize the weaknesses in my business (and myself). You can fix anything once you recognize the problem!!”

Peggy B.

Financial Planner ChFC, CLU, AEP, IAR


Since 2004 I have worked with many advisors from all walks of life. Because I am an independent coach I customize my approach to suit the client’s needs and business model.

Broker/dealer world

I have worked with advisors with the following broker-dealers: Cambridge, Commonwealth, Raymond James, LPL, Edward Jones, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Genworth, MetLife, Geneos, Axa, ING, Principal, Waddell and Reed, Woodbury, NPC, Ameriprise, Wells Fargo, Chase, North Western Mutual, and more.


I also work with registered investment advisors, fee-only advisors, IAR’s, and other independent advisors.

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