Financial Advisor Coaching for Australian Advisers

  • Looking for ADVICE on how to GROW your practice in Australia?
  • WANT an EXPERT opinion from one of the world’s most knowledgeable coaches?
  • Not sure WHERE TO TURN or who to ask for help?

Hello, I am Suzanne Muusers. Since 2004 I have been working with advisers and planners throughout Australia, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

I am born and raised in Moree, N.S.W., Australia. I moved to the U.S. 30 years ago and started my coaching practice in 2004. I no longer have an Australian accent, but perhaps working with you could help me get it back!

I have the experience you need!

  • Practice management and business development expertise
  • Branding, marketing, and prospecting ideas
  • Leadership and executive coaching expertise

What happens when you work with me?

  • #1 Build your custom Brand
  • #2 Develop your Prospecting Strategies
  • #3 Implement leadership & growth strategies

What makes me different?

  • I understand Australia, compliance, and your business development challenges
  • You work with ME! Not a contracted coach
  • I have been working with financial advisors since 2004

Financial Advisor Coaching Program for Australian Advisers

Not only do you get my 14 years experience working one-on-one with advisers, you also have access to my Private Client Website where I have housed all my exercises, templates, and ideas for business growth.

I have worked with Australian advisers in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Although I have not lived in Australia for many years, I understand your market, your issues, and your challenges.

I work with Australian advisers via phone and using technology to make it easy for you to create the vision of where you want your practice to be in 5-10 years, create goals for growth, and actions to get you where you want to go.

Coaching for Australian Financial Advisers

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Why do Australian financial advisers struggle?

• You’ve never worked on your Value Proposition with a coach who understands your challenges

• Get access to the strategies used by successful U.S. firms

• You’re too involved in your business to see what I can see

The many ways I help my clients

1. Branding:

  • Develop a brand that consistently attracts ideal clients
  • Create inbound marketing that brings you clients
  • Learn how to create brand visuals and messages that resonate subconsciously with clients
  • Develop ideal target markets that differentiate your firm
  • Appeal to a more affluent clientele

2. Prospecting:

3. Build a professional firm:

  • Develop a Model Work Week and become very productive
  • Hire and retain the best people
  • Create and monitor key financial metrics
  • Develop procedures and workflows
  • Become strategic about your firm’s direction
  • Work on business continuity and business succession
  • Write a Business Plan and become the leader of your firm

Connect with Me

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What Clients Say

“Suzanne’s advice was invaluable when it came time for me to brand my independent financial advisory firm. Our work prior on target market, combined with help selecting my company name and colors and building my website have helped me attract my ideal clients and a consistent flow of leads from my website.”

Shanna T.

Financial Planner & Leader

“Don’t think twice about hiring Suzanne. Give coaching the time it deserves, be open, and trust that Suzanne will keep you on the right track.”

Kevin G.

AIF, CRPC, Financial Advisor

“I highly recommend Suzanne’s services to anyone who is interested in growing their business and maintaining a healthy balance outside of work as well.”

Monica B.

Holistic Practitioner

“Working with Suzanne has helped me to develop a distinctive brand. Having a cohesive brand gives me the confidence to network with and approach high level prospects. If I had not hired Suzanne, I would not have made this progress.

Nicholas E.


“I truly feel that without Suzanne’s guidance, my business would not have flourished. Her expertise in my field helped me produce the results I needed more quickly. But most importantly, she made me safe enough to recognize the weaknesses in my business (and myself). You can fix anything once you recognize the problem!!”

Peggy B.

Financial Planner ChFC, CLU, AEP, IAR


Since 2004 I have worked with many financial advisors from all walks of life. Because I am an independent coach I customize my approach to suit the client’s needs and business model.


I have worked with advisers helping them generate unique and proven ideas that work. You won’t get philopsophy, you will get proven strategies.


I help you make a plan of action to get results!

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