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• You’re ambitious and you want more out of your career.
• You’ve been submitting resumes for a job search, with little success.
• You’ve been through a few interviews, but that’s as far as it’s gone.


The finance field is not only exciting, it’s financially rewarding. The high earning potential, along with many career options, makes this career choice desirable for ambitious professionals. With a financial services career coach to help you navigate your options, you are more likely to have success with your career goals.

Hello, I’m Suzanne Muusers, Finance Career Coach and Job Search Coach for the finance and investment industries. For the last 19 years, I have been coaching finance clients all over the world, helping them find work that is personally and professionally rewarding. I help my clients get more from their careers through one or both of the two following custom programs:

1.Career Exploration Coaching Program.

2. Job Search Coaching Program.

Finance Career Coaching - 4 Steps to Career Success

4 Steps to Finance Career Success.

1. Focus.

I help professionals like you focus on your career, figure out your key strengths and skills and match them up with the best career options. I help you ensure that your personal brand attracts hiring managers and recruiters, who then contact you for an interview.

2. Prepare.

Preparing for your job search is essential to your financial success! You will use time effectively, organize your job search, and focus on earning what you are worth. This investment will pay off for your entire career!

3. Brand.

How do you stand out from other job candidates? Personal branding is very important during a job search. In order to be among the best candidates, you must develop an awesome brand that showcases your best skills and speaks to the benefits you provide an employer.

4. Interview well.

Interviewing for a position in financial services is like interviewing in many career paths. You have to know what the interviewer is looking for, how to answer tough questions, and how to show that you’ve got the “right stuff.”


What is the best position for you in Finance & Investments?

Working with me as your Finance Career Coach using career exploration or job search coaching can help you wade through your options and decide your best course of action:

    • Where are your skills the strongest?
    • Where do you need to improve?
    • Does your resume (CV) need updating?
    • Are you a people person?
    • Are you looking for another industry that can use your financial skills?
    • Are you looking for a better lifestyle, more balance, and less stress?
    • Are you more technically skilled? How about your relationship skills?
    • Is there another role within your current firm that appeals to you?
    • Do you have difficulty marketing and selling your skills?
    • How are your interviewing skills?
    • How are your negotiation skills?


Want to change careers within finance?

benefits of VC PE coaching

Are you thinking about moving to another position you might enjoy more than the your current position? There are many exciting fields within finance and investments where you might love your work. Career Exploration Coaching covers career change and investigating fields you might prefer. Career counseling can help!


Want to get your foot in the door in a new financial services field?

As a Finance Career Coach, I utilize unique strategies and tactics to help you get into a new position, industry, or market segment. New strategies are needed to get you to the next level. Try not to rule out a position for which you are not qualified because there are transferable skills that can help you move up and out.

Perhaps you want to go from Corporate Finance to Investment Management services. It could be that you want to transition out of being a Financial Analyst in Research into a Portfolio Manager role. Perhaps you want to go from trader to another field with exciting opportunities. I can help


Need to Reignite your Job Search?

If you’ve been working on your job search for sometime now and you’re beginning to feel dejected, now is the right time to reignite your search.  Hiring me as your Finance Career Coach can help you get a fresh perspective, new ideas, and new motivation!

Self esteem can decline when you are not getting the results you want from your efforts. Employers look for excitement and passion. If you need motivation and fresh ideas, contact me. I can help.


Passed over for an investment career promotion?

This is a great reason to begin working with me as your Career Coach. When you are not being seriously considered for a promotion you have two choices:

  • 1. Work on your skills and get that promotion next time!
  • Or, 2. Develop strategies to find a new position outside your current company. No matter which path you take, I can help.


Finance Resume Writer.

99% of my clients need a Resume overhaul. Do you think this is true for you? Most resumes have the wrong approach. They don’t make an impression upon Hiring Managers and fall flat when it comes to a strong Finance Personal Brand! I help you make changes to your finance and investment resume so that you stand out


Finance LinkedIn Bio Writer.

Is your LinkedIn in need of an overhaul? No matter if you are solidly in your Finance Career or if you are a career changer, your LinkedIn bio will need an update. I help you re-write your LinkedIn finance profile so that your skills shine!  I am a Finance Job Search LinkedIn bio expert. Let me help you create a new brand.


Finance Job Search Interview Preparation Program.

How do you feel about your interview skills? Are you a bit shaky when you go through an interview? If you’ve been through a few interviews, but have not made it to the last round or received a Job Offer, then you may need a Job Search Interview Coach that is an expert in Finance and Investments. If your interview skills are not up to par, whether from being with the same company for many years, or because you’ve never practiced how to interview well, this is an absolutely necessary area of focus.

Your qualifications may get you the interview, but NOT the job!


  • Develop your story or interview job story.
  • Connect your skills with the job.
  • Answer the trick questions the right way!
  • Answer the technical questions to show you have the skills.
  • Ever had any personal challenges? Learn how to frame them correctly.
  • Ever wondered how you are judged? I’ve got the answers.

Who’s this for?

Career professionals in the finance and investment industries such as: financial planning, wealth management, mutual fund industry, investment management industry, insurance services, trading industry, FP&A departments, HNW banking, private equity and venture capital, hedge fund management, executives and leaders, and wholesalers working within the finance industry.

How can career coaching help you?

You’ll develop a Personal Brand and Job Search Elevator Speech that helps you stand out from other candidates. Review my Job Search Coaching Program or Career Exploration Program designed to help you make a plan for your next position.

Private Client Website.

When you work with me, you’ll have access to my Private Client Website with all my coaching programs, tools, and exercises. You’ll have examples offering you useful “how-to” advice and training that we will use during our coaching sessions.


Challenges can be overcome.

I am skilled at helping people who may have taken time out of their career and want to get back into finance, people who may have had a challenging departure from their previous employer, and other specific issues.

  • Do you have a job gap that needs careful explaining?
  • Could you be facing age discrimination?
  • Do you know the red flags in an interview?
  • Getting interviews but not making it to the final round?
  • Left your employer under questionable circumstances?


Seeking Career Advancement Coaching?

1. Improve Leadership Skills.

How are you communicating with others? How is your Executive Presence? Have you developed Emotional Intelligence, your EQ rather than your IQ?

2. Improve your Perception.

You will create the right image of yourself by taking control of how others see you. Their perception of you will change and you will convey your impact on the organization.

3. Increase your Visibility.

You will increase your profile across the organization and among higher levels of management by standing out and getting noticed. Slowly but surely, your status will be viewed in a different manner.

4. Exert your Influence.

Now that you are being noticed, you will have impact and can leverage your power. You will be seen as a key influencer and you’ll be able to improve situations, regardless of your position or level of authority.


How do you start?

Let go of the fear of change.

Change is scary. It’s easy to resist change and stay exactly where you are. There’s safety in the known and fear in the unknown. But where will you be in a year? Exactly where you are now. Working through fear and understanding how to overcome barriers will help you get out of your comfort zone.

Commit to self-discovery.

Through working with me as your Finance Career Coach, we will discover your strengths and competencies. This will take energy and focus and will help you see things in a new light. You will see that YOU are the most important person in your life. Have you ever made the commitment to work on YOU? Key issues will come to light that will have you enjoying many “aha” moments.

4 Steps to Finance Career Success

I only work in Finance.

Since I only work in Finance, I know the industry very well. There’s no better way to get started on your career plans. Having me as your unbiased coach focused on your career success will help you attain new heights.

Financial firms:

People are your best asset. Invest in their job satisfaction and career development by hiring me as your Career Development Coach. There’s nothing better than individual attention and customized career goals to help your team members improve and advance.

I help your employees better manage time, be more productive, and handle stress. This leads to increased happiness, improved efficiency, and less down time.

My style is hands on and individual. I ask my clients to commit to excellence in their business life and their personal life.

According to FM Magazine, “coaching produced a 529 per cent return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business.”

Who benefits?

Since 2004 I have worked with many professionals in the finance industry including financial analysts, CPA’s, accountants, bankers, controllers, financial managers, relationship managers, public finance, traders, financial sales professionals, portfolio managers, risk managers, mortgage advisors, Financial Planning and Analysis Managers (FP&A), corporate finance, Data Scientists, Economists, female finance professionals, professionals and executives, and more.

Finance & Investment Companies:

I’ve worked with clients who have been hired at: Deloitte, American Express, Vanguard, Legg Mason, Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Goldman Sachs, T. Rowe Price, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, Prudential, Met Life, Putnam, Royal Bank of Scotland, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, LPL, Cambridge, Commonwealth, Pimco Funds, Franklin Templeton, Nuveen, BlackRock, UBS, MidCap Advisors, Landmark Ventures, Aurora Capital, Sunrise Securities, Two Sigma, JP Morgan Asset Management, Bridgewater Associates, Blackstone Group, The Carlyle Group, and many more.

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