Finance Executive coaching.

You are a senior executive in the finance field. You could be the CEO, CFO, VP, Partner, or Managing Director of a successful investment firm or other successful industry firm. Your role could be driving value in your organization, increasing EBITDA, making day-to-day management decisions, or even expanding the firm.

You realize that in order to be a more effective leader, you must seek out an Executive Coach familiar with the finance field.

Experienced Finance Executive Coach.

Hello, I am Suzanne Muusers, Professional Coach to successful finance executives. Since 2004, I have been coaching finance leaders when I completed my coach training at Coach U after leaving the Vanguard Group.

I only work in finance.

I work with c-suite executives in private equity, venture capital, hedge fund management, global investment management, financial planning, investment services, mutual fund industry, investment banking, and other financial fields. Furthermore, I work with executive clients all over the world.

The finance field has changed over the last decade. There are more and more compliance issues, complex investments, and personality differences.

Being an executive in the finance field is a challenging, yet rewarding place to be. I help my clients take stock of their strengths and become better leaders. Whether it’s mentoring your team, pleasing your board of directors, or developing a plan for the next steps in your life, I help you achieve your objectives.

If you’ve just been promoted to an executive position, I can help you develop new skills to cope with where you are now and be seen as the leader you’ve always wanted to be. The talents that earned you the promotion are not the same skills that will blaze your trail to higher levels of success.

If you’re experiencing a lack of fulfillment in your current executive role, we will look at how you can focus on getting your motivation back or moving on to a new position.

12 areas to improve your finance executive life:

Finance Executive Coaching

1) Mindset shift.

If you’ve read “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, you know that great companies have all the right people on the bus and in the right seats. But what about your seat? Do you have the right mindset? Could you need a shift in thinking, feeling, and acting to be a better leader?

2) Relationships.

Developing beneficial relationships with the board of directors, management, senior leadership, and team members requires deepening your communication skills. Where do you need to focus? What are your best qualities and where could you improve?

3) Setting objectives.

What are the goals, actions, and activities necessary for success? Since goals are dreams with deadlines, we’ll identify your goals and create habits that lead to a more effective you. We will focus on getting results and achieving goals more quickly during our coaching sessions.

4) Leadership development.

Need to develop into a more engaging leader? Which other skills need refining? Internal communications, alternative behaviors, attitudes, and strengths. Need to learn how to lead by example? Want to instill confidence in younger leaders?  You may have “skill muscles” that need flexing to develop and grow in your role.

5) Organizational communication.

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is necessary for organizational success. We will work on strengthening interpersonal relationship skills and learning how to become a better problem solver.

6) Time management.

What best practices need tweaking? You’ll need to find more time in your day and learn to be more effective at managing your availability. Where are you wasting time? What can you cut out of your schedule? In order to be more productive and go home on time, there could be changes to be made.

7) Behaviors.

What behaviors may need to be modified? How should your thinking processes adapt? Have you worked on your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?  We will look at behaviors that lead to poor EQ, behaviors that improve EQ, and what you can do to increase your understanding of others’ emotions. We’ll review your strengths and how to leverage them. We’ll look at your weaknesses and devise ways to strengthen or eliminate them.

8) Be a motivational role model.

Being ethical and having integrity means doing what you say you’ll do. You’ll look at ways to be a better person, one that people look up to and you’ll become an inspiring leader. Think about leaders that have inspired you. What characteristics have they exhibited?

9) Coach others.

One important trait of great leaders is teaching others to be the best at what they do. Working on communication skills that support and coach your team to be the best they can be is motivational. Mentoring and helping your team set goals and create positive outcomes is crucial to your success as a leader.

10) Work life balance.

Are you rushing from meeting to meeting? When was the last time you attended your child’s sports event? Managing at your level requires focus on your personal life as well as your professional life. I help you focus on happiness, enjoying your success, and being truly present in your life.

11) Business Development Coaching.

Are you charged with leading the firm’s client acquisition strategies? Are you working with institutions (B2B) or individuals (B2C)? I can help you invest in your skills to help your firm grow strategically and intelligently by focusing on communication and selling skills. Knowing how and where to get new business, cultivate relationships, and find the “pain” while selling the “dream” are areas we may focus on.

You may also be launching a new company or division and need coaching and accountability for your job requirements and achievements.

12) Executive Job Search Coaching.

Many executives come to me for a job search because they may have reached a pinnacle and are looking at the next horizon. I can help you investigate options, sharpen your personal brand, and work on interview skills at the executive level.

My Finance Executive Coaching Process.

Executive / Leadership Skill Development.

What’s included: Coaching is on a monthly retainer with a 3 – 6 month minimum commitment.

Step 1. Consultation to determine if we are a good fit.
Step 2. Complete two Assessments.
Step 3. First call – get to know each other / cover assessments and determine strengths and skills.
Step 4: Get further acquainted. Discuss background, history, career milestones, get a good idea of what’s important to you.
Step 5: Goal creation / baseline score for each goal / competencies, skills, or actions need to accomplish the outcome.
Step 6: Create an action plan – customized for your situation.
Step 7: Track progress through observational updates of behavior, communication, and leadership style.

Please see Coaching Programs for more information.

Executive Coaching Testimonial.

Steve Leininger.

“So what exactly did I gain from working with Suzanne and Executive Leadership Coaching? Suzanne has this gift of seeing through the words and getting to the heart of the issue. Once those issues were understood, she was able to step by step help me work through things that kept me from being the leader I needed to be. And it stuck.

Sure, my income went up 30%, but it went up with less stress and greater confidence. I learned how to delegate better, be more emotionally present, both at work and at home. My wife and my employees commented that something was very different. They felt understood and included.

During our time together our firm experienced a partnership “change.” Suzanne helped me to rise to the level of leadership needed to power through the inevitable pain. I came out of it much happier and even more passionate about the work I did and the people I work with.

My favorite part of working with Suzanne is that she was able to teach me the skills necessary to move forward in a profound way. I appreciated being called out several times when I wasn’t holding up my end. She was easy to work with, but didn’t allow me to get too comfortable.

I shudder to think of the cost, both in dollars, and in lost opportunities had I not had her guiding hand. If someone was considering hiring Suzanne I would say not to do it. Unless…you wanted less stress, greater connection to the people around you, and a lot more fun at work – unless you are looking for a transformation. She is all about developing executive leaders. If you happened to make a lot more money as a byproduct – that is just an added benefit.

I am happy to discuss my experience with Suzanne. Feel free to call me at 925-351-4996.”

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