Financial Advisor Elevator Speech – Use a Template That Works

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Your Best Elevator Speech

Do you have your message down? Can you succinctly say what you do, who you do it for, and how they benefit? I know we all have trouble with this, even me – the Business Coach. Sometimes it rolls off my tongue, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll tell you one thing though; having a template to help me plan my message has helped me get it down. This article is about how to use a template to make your own genuine elevator speech.

You should have a 10 second elevator speech and a 30 second elevator speech. The former you can use when you need a short and snappy response. The latter you can use either at a networking event or at a cocktail party as part of your social banter.

Follow this link to a step by step process to create your elevator speech.

Follow this link to Sample Advisor Elevator Speeches.

How will you know your speech is good?
A good elevator speech grabs attention, causes the prospect to think “I need that,” or “I know someone who needs that,” and sounds genuine. You’ll know your speech is right when you have no trouble remembering what to say – because it’s not a pitch. It’s you. And it will attract the kind of referrals and clients that are right for you!

Here are some questions to help you pre-plan.

About you:

  • Who are you, really?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Who do you work best with?
  • What do your clients get out of working with you in terms of a BENEFIT?
  • How can you say what you want to say and have it sound genuine?

About those who need you:

  • They worry about money; it’s a stressor in their relationships and they’d like to get a handle on it, once and for all.
  • They are too busy, uncertain or overwhelmed to manage their own investments and want help.
  • They know they need a plan of action, accountability and a way of knowing they are making progress.
  • They know they could be making better financial decisions, if only they knew how to make them.
  • They need an honest advisor to tell them to reduce their lifestyle and save more in order to achieve their goals.

Work on your financial advisor elevator speech and make sure it sounds authentic. The key is to be able to speak from your heart.

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